Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New definitions of Fast Food

Rory eating Pho Bo in a bag

This post is dedicated to my observations of food transportation. It's amazing to see how clever people are when it comes to wrapping an article of food to sell or just simply keeping it clean. Such as wrapping rice goo of different sorts into a banana leaf (just like a tamale). The leaf is also used regularly on top of a plate with the food on top of it, it's nice visually but I think its more for cleanliness. Considering everyone washes their dishes on the street in the gutter with what type of water? Definitely not hot and soapy water, in this case it seems safer to me. I noticed in Ethiopia they commonly serve a slice of lime with your silverware for the same reason, for you to sanitize your fork with.
I love watching how the merchants master the art of bagging your produce or take out lunch or better yet your drink. Rubberbands bound around little bags with small amounts of soy sauce or honey for dipping, Drinks ballooned in a baggie also rubberbanded around the straw. Sometime you just hold the bag handles in your fingers drinking from the straw, we saw this a lot in Thailand on the train.
It's also common to see thin bamboo strips (like string) used to bind herbs in bunches or flowers or even bowed on top of the banana leaf tamale things. Every possible thing is transported on motor bikes and the same methods of  binding is used to strap everything onto the back of the bike, it's amazing to see what people are daring enough to carry. We live near a flower market and I'm constantly passed on the road by mountains of fresh flowers or herbs windburned and covered in exhaust on the back of a bike. I'm reminded of how important it is to bleach everything first before consuming. Just this week me Rory and City sadly witnessed roasted dog in the marketplace riding past on my bike.

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